Proto-Tech Group
Technology, innovation and teamwork at the service of a higher efficiency and better quality.

We contribute to create a world where mobility and transport of people is more effective, safe and sustainable, providing value to the ideas and designs of each project.

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Proto-Tech DNA
We share our passion and values with emerging talents.

At Proto-Tech Group we like people with ambition that take risks and fight for their dreams, which is why we support their talent in training, business or sports.

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Our history
Our broad experience is the guarantee that we will keep achieving our goals.

Supported by firm values and the confidence achieved after every project, we have continually built our knowledge as a reference in the manufacturing of technical prototypes.

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Business structure
An experienced management team in control of an agile and effective organisation.

Proto-Tech Group is organised in six business areas with the purpose of ensuring the fulfilment of all the commitments required by our clients.

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Proto-Tech Group

En Proto-Tech Group poseemos un conocimiento profundo del ciclo de desarrollo completo de un automóvil. Este conocimiento se convierte en ventaja competitiva al garantizar la fabricación sin interrupciones, desde una parte individual hasta completar conjuntos.


  • Proto-Tech System is founded in Abrera, Barcelona. Four partners join to make this dream a reality with their enthusiasm and a lot of effort.
  • We are accepted as supplier for Seat, marking the start of a long cooperation.


  • We are accepted as supplier for Audi, a new achievement that allows us to work with our German neighbours.


  • We open new facilities in Sollana, Valencia. (Proto-Tech Levante).


  • We open an establishment in Munich, Proto-Tech München, and place ourselves near important technical studios of renowned trademarks.
  • Proto-Tech München is accepted as supplier for Audi. Our facilities in Munich are also accepted as supplier.
  • We create the engineering studio Toro Engineering Design. We decided to offer services also in relation to development of parts for engines/cars (R&D) as well as design services.


  • Mec. Av. Effmilltech joins the group. Thus we obtain a new partner who provides us with its experience and resources to provide a better service to our clients.


  • We are accepted as supplier of Volkswagen.


  • Gemepress joins the group, thus increasing our technological capacity and technical skill at the service of every project.
  • We create the new trademark Proto-Tech Group. We expanded our central facilities in Abrera (Barcelona). We made a strategic bet on rapid prototyping by creating the 3D printing lab.


  • We establish new production units in Madrid, Bilbao, Martos (Jaen) and business development and support in the UK.